The world's premier Information Management company

Since its foundation, AlethiCorp has grown to become the foremost information management consultancy company in the western world, helping governments, corporations, and all kinds of administrative bodies make sense of the vast amount of information that must be dealt with in the modern information age.


As one of the world's oldest Information Management companies, AlethiCorp has extensive experience managing information for clients in all sectors. Specializing in large organisations, our clients have included such well known entities as the Pan-Eurasian Union, The American Alliance, and the Larkhill Resettlement Council.


Our more than 300.000 employees can draw on a huge network of expertise from all over the world. No matter what you need, an AlethiCorp employee will be there to provide it.


At AlethiCorp we believe in striving for something higher than mere profit maximisation. All employees are taught to follow the three core values of AlethiCorp: Aletheia, Integrity and Magnanimity. You can rest assured that our employees will take pride in providing the best possible service to you. Corruption and selfishness are unheard of in the AlethiCorp family.